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IB-IT Cabling is a team of highly skilled IT Professionals providing IT Services since 1991. We build and implement cutting edge telecommunications solutions for our customer in the Data Center environment and as well Office IT infrastructure. We specialize in providing Data Centre infrastructure solutions, a one stop service provider for your needs. With our technology partners and our role as a system integrator, we provde together a full solution for your business needs.


Project management is a broad field in which the IB-IT Cabling team undertakes the partial or complete management of a project, all according to the request of the client. Our services involve effective preparation, planning, analysis of risk aspects and risk management, procurement, execution, project control, contract management , completion and commissioning. We ensure a comprehensive overview at all stages of preparation and execution and make it more likely that individual project components and the project as whole remains within the defined time and cost frame. IB IT Cabling undertakes project management of a variety of projects, anything from simple short term projects up to complete whitespace fitout projects.

  • 24/7/365 Avaiability for the customers
  • Project delivery in time and budget
  • Direct labor and "know how" capacity to adapt on the go
  • Certified Technicians and Management
  • Solution orientated for the benefit of the projects
  • IB-IT Cabling is your reliable partner


Structured Cabling: Fiber & CopperStructured precabling is the foundation for every system infrastructure and therefore requires to be of the highest quality as well as scalable for future expansion.We can help you to map out a custom taylored cabling solution. We provide our services in new Data Center builds and office spaces, covering also maintenance for global customes. Our trained and certified technicians will cover all aspects of the project from design, handling the material flow, installation and quality control / documentation. As Corning NPI Partner we can offer 25 year system warranties for Corning structured cabling installations.

  • Design, planning and handling of material flow
  • Installation as per customer specification
  • Quality management according to best practices
  • Profound testing by certified technicians and tools
  • Full technical documentation and high quality pictures
  • Extended system warranty for Corning installations
  • Optionally further system intergration


IB-IT Cabling is offering a service of Fiber splicing, the process of joining two fiber optic cables together, is an important service needed at every fiber location. It is a preferred solution when the available fiber optic cable is not sufficiently long enough for the required distance, or if an existing cable has broken. Whether you are installing a new fiber optic network or updating an existing one, cables must be properly spliced in order to avoid network outages, failures, or other disruptions. Our service includes:

  • Stripping the fiber by removing the protective polymer coating
  • Cleaning the bare fiber with alcohol to ensure it is free of contaminants
  • Cleaving the fiber to create a clean break and allow for a better fuse
  • Fusing the fibers together using a fusion splicer, melting both ends to permanently weld them together
  • Protecting the newly fused fibers by reapplying the coating
  • Testing the new connection with an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) to make sure there is no loss or faults


IB-IT Cabling have the experience in all types of data cable and fibre optic cable containment systems, and understand the importance of a solution to meet the individual requirements of your property or business. Our professional team of engineers are committed to providing high quality data cable containment installations, ensuring that cabling within the containment solution is neat and tidy to safeguard against faults. IB-IT Containment Systems : Aisle containment ceilings, walls and end of row doors are designed to help maintain optimal operating temperature in server rooms and data centers in order to lower data center energy demands and save on energy costs. IB-IT Cabling is able offers a wide range of partial and total containment solutions that can accommodate hot aisle containment, cold aisle containment and rack-based heat containment.

  • Trunking
  • Dado trunking
  • Conduit
  • Underfloor cable matting
  • Smooth base cable basket
  • Cable basket
  • Ladder rack
  • Cable tray
  • Fibre Optic duct routing systems


IB-IT Cabling is working with the market leading Cage manufacturers and is able to support with the design, production , delivery and installation of the product. Security cages we provide are highly customizable and ready to accommodate any BMS hardware. Whether you need a complete or modular solution, we can turn your vision into reality.

  • IB-IT Cabling understands the need for discretion due to the sensitive nature of the business operations conducted by its clients, especially those within the IT and data centre space. This is why when it comes to installation of security cages, and other products, the IB-IT team work professionally and efficiently to provide bespoke solutions, while respecting client confidence. One of IB-IT Cabling core values is trust, which reflects in all the projects the company undertakes


IB-IT Cabling team has successfully racked and stacked more than 5000 Racks. Our team of professional installers will help you with creating inventory of equipment, moving equipment, installing your equipment, cabling installed equipment and troubleshooting until everything works perfectly Services include but are not limited to:

  • Hardware installation & decommission of enterprise servers and cabling infrastructure
  • Rack and stack of data center equipment, including servers, networking devices, monitoring systems and other equipment
  • Rack installation including putting racks in place, cabling, power up and handoff of servers to internal provisioning teams
  • Decommission life cycle of data center hardware
  • Inventory process, order replacement parts and return failed parts as required
  • Structured cabling, labelling and troubleshooting of fiber/copper/telecom cables
  • StructuredSystem power supplies and cabling install



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